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Kay Coffey Wedding Clutch


 Once again, very rarely do I make specialty items but nothing was going to stop me from making a wedding bag for my beautiful cousin Amanda who I could gush about in so many ways but the simplest thing would be to explain that she is the definition of beauty from the inside out. The bag I made for her definitely couldn't do the person that she is justice, but it was the best way to show her that our family loves her and although we wish we could have been there this was our way of showing that we are no matter how much distance may be between.

I don't plan on making other wedding bags and this one was most definitely made for her and I will always make products to fit every bride and to enhance their special day. That was my goal and I think I achieved it here:)

That being said, the Kay Coffey Clutch was made from a sterling silver frame, the finest ivory silk New York had to offer with an overlay of Spanish hand embroidered lace (relax everyone I am Spanish as well so the lace for this piece is acceptable). 

Amanda was a beautiful bride and I hope that anyone who would like a piece for their special day would know that I would take as much care into that piece as I did for hers. 

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