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The New York Organ Donor Network


For over two years now, Cela New York has been a large supporter of the New York Organ Donor Network with the main goal of spreading awareness in regards to the need for donors as well as educating citizens on their status and we have also consistently maintained providing materials regarding this ever important cause.

For more information on your status and the process of organ donation in general, please visit 


RSS (Russell Silver Syndrome)

More recently Cela New York's owner, Kelly Mayo, turned partial attention to a genetic condition called RSS (Russell Silver Syndrome) due to a family member being diagnosed with this very difficult disease. Because this condition is so rare, the medical bills for treatment have been greatly impeding this family's life so Cela New York will be giving away and considering her  family is doing an amazing job at trying to get her the best care possible, the downside is that the medical bills are piling up.

So in order to get more of you involved, we will play a bit of a game that not only will benefit the family but also the TOP donator will receive a Cela New York bag as my sincerest thanks.

Cela New York will be running this until December 4, 2014 and each day with each donation, we will post only the first name of the top 5 people on our Facebook page who have donated and the runner ups will receive brand new never before seen wallets from Cela New York.

Please, click the link below and donate what you can. Every bit helps this family and on top of a good deed you will get a great giveaway as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me and I'll gladly answer any questions you may have about this cause. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH AND LET'S GET TO DONATING!

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