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What a weekend...

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Well if you’ve had a second to check out the post below, you’ll see what I’ve been up to this weekend! The whole weekend was a proper mixture of reality and surreality which I still am wrapping my head around.

The great thing about my job is that I get to call it a job, because as a kid I thought this whole existence seemed impossible. I have also always had this great tradeoff with the universe that when something from my dreams comes to reality, the universe gives me another situation to remind me of what is real and true in my life.

For me, Saturday was the perfect example of this. The day started off with what I’d consider a dream realized in the form of a photo shoot with an amazing photographer, Chris Knight, model Sarah V and makeup artist Kenecia Lashe. As you can tell by the photos, everyone put all their creativity forth and made something absolutely beautiful which far exceeded my expectations. Now why I call this part the “dream realized” isn’t because it there was a shoot because for lack of a better phrase, this ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve been on, in, organized, styled, shot, EVERYTHING on many-a-shoots before so this is nothing new. The dream part was that everything flowed perfectly. Everything. Anyone in fashion will tell you that that sort of thing never happens- someone is always late, you lose light, the product looks wrong, the weather changes, there isn’t enough double-sided tape, the styling looks wrong, or god forbid “Oh s*&%  we’ve lost the model”- SOMETHING goes wrong. This time? Nothing. Nada. Flowed like the Mississippi. And I for one will not be complaining about this fact I am simply going to relish in it and simultaneously thank everyone who worked hard as hell to make it flow smoothly- (Liz and Alex for behind the scenes, Michele for co-styling and never complaining, and Michael for doing anything that was asked of you WHILE still being a human juke box)-thank you all. All your hard work paid off:)

…and now back to LIFEEEE, back to REALITYYY (you better have sung that in your head too or you have no business on my tumblr). Our shoot ended around 1 so onward we went to celebrate my birthday which was the next day. A quick shower, one change into a white jumpsuit (YES I WORE IT!) and I was off to mexican food with my best friend/greatest human being on the planet Rachel (Raquel depending on the day) then moving on to meeting with Michael once again and my best boys Marco and Matthew for a night of dancing far too emphatically to Robyn and wearing baby monkey hats like they were the crown jewels to every “establishment” we came across. This is my version of heaven. Yet, this is my reality. Aren’t I lucky? It’s easy to get wrapped up in skewed reality that is fashion but with your friends, there’s nothing but reality and mine is pretty perfect thanks to them. 

To wrap this all up, I’d like to say thank you to the great team I worked with this weekend on the shoot, a big thank you to my friends who refused to let my tired self stay in and force me to celebrate my birthday, and to the universe for making all those lovely things happen to me on one day:) ‘til next time kiddies:) xx- K


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