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To the company copying Cela New York

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I’m writing this statement because it is Fashion Week in NYC and this needs to be addressed:

Copying or replicating my products, I’ve grown used to. That doesn’t mean I like it or condone it at all, but it is part of this business sadly.

However, copying my products, entire company structure (that includes visuals, website, State and Federal qualifications regarding membership to specific programs meant to aide the economy and industry well beyond the requirement or wish, manner of doing business when it is so clear you have replicated my company which has been around five years longer than you, lying about where you produce your products- yes, I can tell, you don’t even hide it well-, amongst a host of other identical situations and things) IS SOMETHING I DO NOT AND WILL NOT TOLERATE, CONDONE OR ALLOW TO PERSIST.

To the company which is copying my every hard earned move:

Clearly you’ve been watching this company and it’s practices for a while, to say the least. You are very new and also very uninformed if you think you can pass the “Reasonable Difference” application in regards to protecting YOUR business. Yes, that is an offense that has strong elements which hold up solidly in court.

You outed yourself! I didn’t even look for you. Here is my advice and only one warning- stop and change now or I will pursue you legally. I still might as I’ve documented all your activities since finding out. I am aware you are probably seeing this which is why I am posting this here. Change and heed my warning or I will go as far as it absolutely takes and with great diligence that is unrivaled.

I’ve built great relationships and solid rapport in this industry over nearly two decades with many individuals, so if I even hear a peep from even one of them that you are going around and promoting your company during Fashion Week in an attempt to act like you are the original, you will see how far I will go to protect my business and everyone who has worked hard alongside me.

Do not do it. This is my one and final warning. Change immediately or I will pursue legal action. I still might, but I’m giving you the opportunity to change before I do so. Consider my warning a gift. You and your “business partner” should know exactly what I am saying is the truth. Yes, you didn’t hide that fact well either.

I am being beyond kind by even stating this, not naming you YET, but I will name you if I must and I am giving you the above opportunities. However, again, I will not allow it to persist to the detriment of my company or my colleagues.

You know who you are, I do, as do many others and even to those who you may have already peddled your replications (both products and structure) to. They are all aware and watching just as intensely.

Stop now and change everything that even remotely resembles my long established (speaking in regards to the Fashion Industry general standard) company. Do not promote yourself and your company, especially during Fashion Week. Everyone that knows, and there are a lot of them, is watching and listening and believe me I will hear if you do. Do not go any further, or I will do everything I have said in this statement and more.

Kelly Mayo
Cela New York


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