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    BTB: Ranger's Blend

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    Today's episode of Behind the Blend features my personal favorite of our RPG character class collection: Ranger's Blend!

    The inspiration for each character class blend is an archetype, rather than any specific character. Rangers are sly, observant, and physically dexterous. They have a close relationship with the forest, a kinship with the natural world.

    D&D Dungeons and Dragons green tea fandom blend
    Toasty green mélange of foresty delish.


    BTB: Raise the Dead

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    Today's episode of Behind the Blend may feel a bit out of season, but it's a particularly chill and blustery April morning and I've been thinking a lot about death and seasonal shifts lately. So, for today's foray into synesthetic perception, I would like to introduce you to an old Friday Afternoon fave: Raise the Dead. 

    Raise the Dead

    The inspiration:This blend was originally commissioned by our...

    Tea cocktails with special guest Beca of The Shrubbery!

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    Summer is such a good excuse for shaking, stirring, and otherwise mixing up tasty cocktails to cool you down. While I'm generally an "Irish whiskey, neat" kinda gal, the sunshine tends to make me super feisty. During the hot months I find myself craving salsa (both the food and the music), grilling with friends, hanging outside with my kiddo, and DEFINITELY a parade of fun cocktails.

    The lovely...

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