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    BTB: Ranger's Blend

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    Today's episode of Behind the Blend features my personal favorite of our RPG character class collection: Ranger's Blend!

    The inspiration for each character class blend is an archetype, rather than any specific character. Rangers are sly, observant, and physically dexterous. They have a close relationship with the forest, a kinship with the natural world.

    D&D Dungeons and Dragons green tea fandom blend
    Toasty green mélange of foresty delish.


    Six True Types of Tea

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    We get asked a LOT what the difference is between white tea and black tea, herbal tea and green tea, and so on. The world of tea is mysterious and a lot of you want to learn more, so let's start with the basics!

    True tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Always. Any infusion made from the leaf, stem, root or whatever other part of any other plantfalls into the "tisane" category, also known as...

    Farm Spotlight: Hattori Family Matcha!

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    Yoshiaki Hattori stands with his tea plants under a solar shade screen

    Meet Yoshiaki Hattori, sustainable tea visionary and crafter of some of the finest matcha we've ever tasted. The Hattori facility (Tenryu Agri-Farms) resides in Shizuoka, Japan, a region probably best known for its beautiful scenery, delicious food and hugetrade in green tea. In fact, this prefecture grows 40% of the green tea...

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