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“After college and finding that too many jobs were being outsourced overseas, so much so that I couldn’t find one myself, I actually resorted to begging for an unpaid internship just to get my foot in the door when I already had more experience than any of my peers in the industry by a long shot.

I finally, at the tender age of 25, decided to take matters and control into my own hands and started my handbag business alone. No investors, no loans, no partners, just me alone with capital I had saved through working from a very young age consistently. It gave me the freedom to create not only my own destiny, but whatever product I wanted without having to explain or answer to anyone.

Once the company was formed, it became blindingly apparent how little production was actually done in New York City- most famously and notably the Garment District- and it’s boroughs. The factories were near empty, quality production was a rarity, and production costs were so high that it was impossible for most to produce here.

But, I did it anyway. I wanted to put my efforts into making that situation change for the betterment of all.

As a lifelong New Yorker, I realized I had the power and ability to change and positively affect this situation. I made it my ultimate goal to produce all my goods in New York City or its boroughs in addition to exclusively using materials produced in the United States. It was and is an exhaustive process, but the feeling that I get in knowing I am in someway providing jobs and work for Americans is all the satisfaction I could ever ask for.
My brand and myself are the literal definition of Made in New York and Made in the U.SA., and I take great pride in that. Knowing that each individual has the power to create and influence change is empowering and humbling simultaneously in the best of ways.

Cela New York is American Made. I am American Made.” Kelly, Cela New York

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