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Let's wrap this thing up- and I don't mean a present!

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…so, what a crazy year it has been for everyone at Cela New York! As I did last year, I thought it appropriate to continue the tradition and recap the year and also take the opportunity to send many thanks and love to those who have been an intricate part of Cela’s continued success.

About this time last year, the island I grew up on was still recovering from the devastation of Sandy also coupled with the unexpected extended length of my father’s stay in the hospital following his heart transplant surgery. This past Thursday at Thanksgiving, I had the sincerest pleasure of not only being around those closest to me but also had the most unreal experience of having my father sit along side us at the dinner table along with the newest (and by far most gorgeous) member of the family present- my new baby niece. Surreal doesn’t even touch on the feeling I had that evening and I will forever be grateful to have that lovely day and my niece’s first Thanksgiving forever emblazoned in my memory fondly.

With that sentimental bit out of the way, I’d like to express my absolute gratitude to all who have participated in aiding in Cela’s growth, adding your creativity to the brand as well as pulling off the impossible in oh so very many circumstances. Kenecia Lashae, my amazing makeup artist who is one step from taking over the world- it has been such a pleasure to see you grow in your craft and also get the recognition you so absolutely deserve. You are truly an inspiration, a wonderful person to work with and also a friend. I greatly look forward to what the next year will bring you! I’ll be watching on the front lines:)

Chris Knight, my incredible photographer and friend who never fails to understand what I want conceptually but also manages to always exceed any possible expectations I could have for each shoot, thank you for all of your work and you very well know there is no other person or photographer that I would rather have in my corner than you.

Sarah V, the beautiful face of everything Cela New York, you have become such a cherished friend and talent that I truly have been so blessed to have worked with. Aside from being stunning, you have brought so much life to the brand which is something I doubt anyone ever will again. Thank you for all your work and always being a life saver.

Onto the real life saver- Jason Jeffers. Since we began working together a year and a half ago, you have never once let me down and have always managed to pull off the impossible without letting me know that the proverbial sky is falling. You have saved me on more occasions than I can count and have always believed in me, my brand and where I want to go. That quality and gift you gave me is invaluable. Thank you for everything you’ve done and I’m positive will continue to do with Cela New York.

In addition, I want to give thanks to my support system. Dana, Rachel, Marco- you are the people who bring me laughter, joy, support and love continuously. Without you, there would be no me. To my family and mentors- thank you. Your presence in my life is rewarding enough and I love knowing that none of that will ever waiver with all of you. You’ve been with me since the start and we’re not stopping here. :)

Lastly, what Cela New York means to me is not simply work, but to try my best to pay homage in some form to all of you who’ve helped me along my way. I wish to everyone reading this that you have the loveliest of holidays and don’t forget the incredible things and people you have around you.

Until next time kiddies-




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