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I am excited like a kid in a candy store about the next...

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I am excited like a kid in a candy store about the next collection! Showing it to you all will be epic as well, because it won’t be done in the conventional manner. This is one from a few years ago. Aren’t they fabulous?

The collection is called “Project Rose through Concrete”, and I will slowly let all of you in on what this special project entails and how you can be a part of it!

I believe fashion and all it’s sectors are about inclusion; not what the main stream media wants you to believe. They’d rather have us painted as an exclusive, judgment filled club, when in all actuality I never felt more normal than in this industry.

So because of that, I am inviting every one of you into the world of New York Fashion and into the fashion community. Whoever told you that you are not welcome is wrong. We welcome you with open arms. I know I speak for many when I say that.

Here’s to #projectrosethroughconcrete and letting you all feel like you’re here with me!

Until next time kiddies,

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