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Hello to everyone who has stopped by! My name is Kelly Mayo and I am the owner and designer of Cela New York. 
Be assured everyone, this is actually me typing away at you. Unlike other brands who pass off blogging duty to some poor intern with no interest in this medium (oh, I am POSITIVE you can all name a few yourself), I won’t be doing that anytime soon. This will be under my control for as long as possible.
I wanted to start this blog not only for my own entertainment (ok, 99% of the stuff here will be for my own laughs), but also to give people an insight into who or what Cela New York is as a brand and an idea. Truthfully, the brand evolves everyday and with every season and blogging is the perfect roadmap to see how I get from point NOTHING to a physical sample such as a handbag.
Being born and raised in New York, I hope I will be able to show you what it is that inspires me on the city streets every day; be it with friends of mine who have more style in their pinky than I could ever dream of attaining, or even how mundane things like stand pipes or the color of an old James Brown record jacket that I happen to flip to while going through my family’s collection has made it’s way, albeit with a fashionable twist, into my collections. 
I love feedback more than anything so whether it be about the collection or if you’d like to start up a discussion about things that are trending now, I’m up for it all! 
Lastly, sorry to get all “Mom” on everyone, but I have an absolute ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to any comments that are of a derogatory nature, offensive or anything I deem unfit because fact is I am Queen of this blogdom (not a word) and I won’t have any of that here.
Hope you all comment and post your thoughts and I look forward to taking you all on my interesting journey!


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