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Every once in a while, it’s a great idea to stop and take stock of your life and all the great things you have- be it people around you, your basic necessities, or what is in the works.

Today is that day for me. I do this periodically, but lately it’s been a daily practice- again, just as a reminder of what I do have in all aspects of life.

Thank you to everyone who has and is helping me on my way on a personal and professional level. I can’t even begin to name you all or what you have done/are doing. I’d be typing this for days! You all know who you are and I am so thankful for it!

So, I’m taking the day to not only work (as usual!) but be grateful and thankful for everything I have around me- great friends and family, wonderful people I get the absolute pleasure to work with who have become like family to me through years of hard and HONEST work, all my basic needs being met and exceeded in some cases, and looking forward to the greatness that is soon to come.

Thank you everyone. Thank you Universe. ;)

Warmest regards always and with extreme gratitude today,

Kelly Mayo
Cela New York

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