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Few things beat the feeling of your passions being reignited....

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Few things beat the feeling of your passions being reignited. It’s as if your a child and anything and everything is possible. Now I’m pouring with ideas that I can barely sketch quick enough!

Being a designer (and the owner, but that’s for another post) has two major downsides that people who are not creatives forget or do not understand these two things:
1. If you’re uninspired you tend to shut down because we create from stimulating ideas/scenery/art/etc. It is very difficult to design on demand and really make your work the best it can be.
2. YOU NEVER ARE/FEEL DONE. Ask any designer, they wouls tweak their designs until death if there wasn’t some sort of deadline, then once that deadline comes and passes you can barely look at the piece because you know there is something you could’ve done better. MADDENING I tell you! Never thought I’d say this, but I am thankful for deadlines because it generally is the point of no return. You must stop. This is both good and bad, but you live with it either way.

So because I am almost done with the latest collection- #projectrosethroughconcrete -I thought I’d share an image with many of the elements of this amazing installation will be incorporated into the next collection. Cannot wait to show you all! Stay tuned!

Until next time kiddies,

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