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Dana Healy- Best Friend, Yogi, Angel

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Dana Healy. Oh, there is so much I can say about this woman and I hope some of the things I write here will suffice to paint a good enough picture to show you why we have been friends for nearly twenty years (Oh goodness, dating myself again) and why she deserves this written recognition.

Dana and I met on a bus going to summer camp when we were about 9 years old, (I always love saying we have been friends since we were the same size as I am now 6 feet tall and Dana has remained a gorgeously petite woman), and through a series of what we can both only explain as the universe putting us together repeatedly through things like being in the same middle school class the following year, sitting next to each other and most importantly realizing that we probably are not like everyone else we were in school with. Both of us were obsessed with fashion, art and curious about just about everything and we did our best to explore all of it and still do that today. 

I do not use this term lightly, but Dana is the most resilient person I have ever known. Through the difficulties we all experience during high school (believe me with her, she got a major dose of UNJUSTIFIED bullying which still didn’t knock this girl off her feet) and the many trials and tribulations she’s had to face through life which are not going to be mentioned here, she’s done it with grace and a fighting spirit that inspires me still to this day. She is tough as nails and takes every challenge head on with the idea of succeeding rather than have the doubt of failure; again something I try to take from her and practice every day. Unlike many people I’ve met and known through the years, Dana has this amazing character asset in that she never lies. A lot of you reading this are probably thinking it’s impossible but she is the only person that I’ve ever known that actually prefers to deal with the consequences of telling the truth rather than lying to avoid confrontation. This is a quality I cannot attach to many other people I’ve ever known.

Dana has also always been a progressive person with a heart of gold. Over the past few years she has gone through intensive training to become an amazing Yoga Instructor and did so to be an active participant in progressing her future and as of June of this year opened her very own studio in Long Beach Long Island ALL ON HER OWN. No backers, she did this all on her own and at the age of 28 that undertaking is about as impressive as it gets. Through her amazing work ethic she has managed to make Yoga Palms Long Beach thrive and it continues to expand in it’s success because of HER.

So, truthfully the reason I am writing this blog post in not only because I managed to sucker her into a photo shoot which you will see attached for her exclusively made Yoga Palms bag, but it is honestly to pay homage to someone I would have never made it through my teenage and adult years without, who always manages to show up when I need her positivity in my life whether or not we have spoken recently or have been apart for years she always shows up (that is why she is called our family Angel). Dana you have supported me through so many meltdowns, breakups, life changes, job changes, faults, flaws, fuck ups, an abundant of crises and I know that regardless of the many changes we have ahead we will do it side by side. You are my definitely my Angel (even though you hate when I say that), my greatest supporter and my best friend no matter how much time or distance will pass- this won’t ever change. I love you Dana Healy and thank you for being a major part of my life and made me who I am today.

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