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Well HELLO everyone out there in TumblrLand! It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in and I wanted to update you all on the great things that have been happening with Cela New York and myself over the last few months.

First off (three months late but whatever) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! Yes, that’s how long it’s been since I’ve updated but it’s been for quite a few good reasons!

Fashion Week this year was spectacular. Cela New York has really started to gain such great exposure from some of the most influential people in the business as well as from you- the consumers (and my favorite people to deal with!)- and I couldn’t be more excited about this! Starting Cela New York in general was always a dream of mine and to see it actually exist and thrive continues to exceed anything I could have ever dreamt of and I can’t wait to see what each day/week/month/year has in store for the brand. Stay tuned for all the exciting things coming up and I promise to post regularly once again.

Now on to the fun stuff. February also brought the beginning of Cela New York’s new collection called “El Infierno” (Translates into English as The Inferno). If you have read any of my past blog posts, you’ll see how much Hurricane Sandy effected my Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and most importantly my friends who were left devastated in many cases because of the damage this freak storm created (see previous blog post at 

Because of devastation and how it changed the island I grew up in, I saw countless childhood memories washed away by the storm and thus decided to try and see if there was some beauty to be taken from this terribly unfortunate situation. Therefore, “El Infierno” is a reflection of what I found beautiful through a tear-filled eye. 

Incorporating elements of distressed materials and using colors which reflected what I saw- burnt browns and oranges, flame reds for example- the collection is centered around using that imagery and turning it into a story of resilience of the Hurricane victims.

In late February I shot the campaign for “El Infierno”. Luckily enough I was once again able to work with my amazing team including Christopher Knight as photographer, Sarah V as the stellar model you see in the below image and the best Makeup Artist in the business, Kenecia Lashae. To be honest, I didn’t even know where to start and how to convey through an image everything that was the essence of the collection. However, thanks to the talented team I so fortunately have, we made it happen in such a beautiful way and I can truly say I am so proud of the new campaign and I couldn’t even imagine it to be any better than it is. So, thank you to team Cela New York. You step it up every time and something I can only describe as spectacular.

Since this post is already far too long for even my attention span (and I’m the one writing it here), I’m going to wrap it up hopefully with baited breath so you will return for the other fantastic news I have for you all! Thanks for reading and I will be posting again quite soon!

Until next time kiddies-



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