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Always darkest before dawn...

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After what was probably one of the most frustrating days I can remember today, I received  this amazing email from jewelry designer/stylist extraordinaire Melissa Molinar who I have commissioned a piece to be made for Cela New York’s Launch Party on September 6th, also Fashion’s Night Out. Since a portion of profits from both handbag pre-orders and Melissa’s designs for Cela New York will be donated to the New York Organ Donor Network, I thought I’d share with you all Melissa’s description of the pendant she is creating because it not only made every one of my hairs stand on end, but also brought tears to my eyes. I hope you all will feel the same about the words you read from her below.

“In researching the anatomical correct heart, I started to wonder when did the heart shape start replacing it… I found out that when an anatomical heart is split down the side it falls open to form a heart shape.

I wanted the design to be textured, also the pendant is not flat it will slightly be raised. I associate that the heart goes through so much in a person’s lifetime and I wanted the texture to represent the toughness and strength that a heart endures. The little red gemstone represents passion and when you give your heart, it is the greatest jewel.”

-Melissa Molinar

Could never say it better myself, Melissa. My father is awaiting a heart transplant which is why this probably touched me so deeply, but regardless her words are boundless. Thank you Melissa and Sa'Diyya for all your hard work creating something so beautiful. *And to everyone else, BE A DONOR. SAVE A LIFE. Go to or your state’s donation registry and save a life*

Until next time kiddies-

xx- K


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